Man doing a tattoo

Having a tattoo is a life-changing experience and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The night before your new tat you should prepare yourself fully for the sitting the next day and take extra precautions before entering the tattoo studio.

You should view getting a tattoo as any other medical procedure. You wouldn’t go out for a heavy one the night before a minor operation, would you?

Things to Avoid

One of the most important things to avoid the day before your tattoo is alcohol. Drinking heavily the night before will not only leave you hungover and weak the next day but will also thin your blood. It is best to evade the booze altogether and drink plenty of water instead. You must be in a sober state of mind when you get your tattoo, as it’s your choice and a decision you cannot go back on.

It is also advisable to avoid coffee, caffeine and aspirin too, for at least twenty-four hours before you get your tattoo done. Stick to herbal teas and juices instead, just make sure your fluid levels are high. You could also swap sugary foods for soups the eve before to help the healing process after your tattoo is complete.

No-one Likes a Grouch

The night before your tattoo you should make your bed your best friend. Try to get as much sleep as possible the eve before so you are well rested and revitalised for the day of your tattoo. If you are irritable, tired and restless, sitting still for a long period of time will be very, very hard!

Sick? Stay at Home

The same goes for if you’re ill. There is nothing worse than posing like a statue for hours on end if you’re not feeling right. Coming in sick to a tattoo parlour will not only expose your artist, other artists and their clients to your illness, but also impact the amount of time your tattoo will take to heal. It’s best to phone ahead when you know you’re ill or getting sick to rearrange your appointment and come back at a time when you’re feeling better for the sake of others and your tattoo.

Pack Your Bag

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for the following day, especially if your appointment is early. Pack a bag with a tasty, sweet snack for afterwards, preferably chocolate, a bottle of water, your appointment card if you were given one, mints, any drafts or designs you want the tattoo artist to see, money or your debit card, a doctor’s note if you needed one and finally a form of ID, such as your driver’s license or passport.

You’re investing a lot of time and money into this tattoo, so it’s important to follow advice before and after the sitting to get the most out of your new artwork.

Save the Artist

For the sake of your tattoo artist, you should also wear clean, loose clothes, have a shower before, wear enough deodorant but avoid overly spraying perfumes and tie your hair up if it will get in the way.
Written by Wayne Grant