Man with solid black tattoo

Sometimes when you write a great novel, you think that it is the most original piece of work to ever exist. Similarly, with a painting you will revel in your innovative design and admire your artwork.

It’s the same with a tattoo – you think you’ve created the most distinct, original design, only to find out someone, somewhere has had a very similar piece. Therefore, here are the top tattoo trends in 2018, so you can decide to get something in fashion or avoid them altogether.

Minimal is More

Minimalist linear tattoos have become big this year as they are easy to sit through and require minimal aftercare. They also look hauntingly beautiful with only one line required to make an aesthetically pleasing design. This trend consists of flowers, geometric designs, dots and a severe lack of colour. They also coincide with another great tattoo trend of the year – finger tattoos – as they work well on small areas of skin.

Watercolour Paint Your Skin

Watercolour tattoos have also been on the increase this year, resembling a watercolour painting on the arm, shoulder or leg. They require time and shading, but when done right can look extremely picturesque and pleasing to the eye. The main objects in a watercolour tattoo are birds and insects and the most popular is a butterfly that symbolises beauty and hope on a colourful background.

Hand Poked

Hand poked tattoos have made somewhat of a comeback this year from their history in ancient times and religious practice. They are a lot less painful than the usual method of tattooing and are distinct and different. It’s a big move back to basics and the skin heals a lot quicker. Hand poked tattoos go hand in hand with dot work, another big trend in 2018, as they work at their best as patterns, mandalas and shapes. If in 2018 you want to try something alternative, hand poked tattoos really do make you stand out in the tattoo crowd.

Fade to Black

Full blackout tattoos are at the other end of the scale, especially when it comes to pain and commitment. There’s really no going back from a blackout or full grey covered tattoo, unless you want to cover the area with a white ink design afterwards. The blackout effect can be done in blocks or cover the whole limb in an attempt to emphasise other tattoos. Tattoo parlours have noticed the increasing number of clients who want to join the blackout trend. This trend is idea for those that want to truly cover up a bad tattoo, or who want to try something different and edgy in 2018 – one thing is for certain, you have to be very brave!

Back to New School

New School tattoos are illustrative and provide a new take on traditional and symbolic designs. They are much bolder and more colourful and provide a more modern outlook on tattoo designs. The subjects of New School tattoos could be zombies, cartoons or mystical creatures – they take normality and turn it on its dull head. This trend is definitely for the more out there individuals and requires a lot of originality and flair to perfect the zombified, mystic look.

Written by Wayne Grant