Girl with septum piercing

Are you looking to get a piercing, but aren’t sure about which one to get? There are lots to choose from, many of which will enhance your look and make a statement, and others which can help alleviate migraines and anxiety.

If you haven’t joined the piercing world, then we’ve got a list of the most popular piercings that might change your mind:

Cartilage Piercing

One of the most popular and easy to manage piercings is the cartilage piercing. It is one of the most common piercings and is located in the outer ridge of your upper ear. It is important to make sure your piercer is using a needle rather than a gun to pierce through your cartilage as it is much safer, and you lessen the risk of damaging the ear. Cartilage, or as they are also known as, helix piercings, can be pierced in pairs or even threes to give a more dramatic look. A cartilage piercing usually takes about six months to heal fully and it is important to look after the wound until then.

Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercings are great for those that want to jazz up their mid-drift with a jewel. Belly bars are very popular because of their aesthetically pleasing factors – belly buttons aren’t the most fun of body parts, but a small sparkly stud can brighten the area. This type of piercing should be looked after intensely as the jewellery is likely to get caught on things leaving the hole at risk of infection.

Scaffold Piercing

Also known as an industrial or bar piercing, the scaffold requires two holes to be pierced in the upper ear, so a single, straight bar can be placed through. The industrial piercing looks really cool and the original bar can be replaced with various and unusual jewellery once it’s healed. As the scaffold has to go through two holes, this piercing is considered one of the more painful ones, as the procedure happens twice. It’s important to clean the piercing daily and avoid sleeping on the side that has been pierced. It can take up to nine months to heal.

Septum Piercing

The septum piercing has divided audiences with its pain level as some find it excruciating, while others didn’t feel anything. The septum sits comfortably in the nose, just before the cartilage and at the tip of the nostrils. It is important that the piercer finds the perfect spot the piercing should go through. The septum is super trendy at the moment because of how cool it looks!

Tongue Piercing

Although first prone to swelling, tongue piercings are one of the quickest to heal at a speedy three to four weeks. However, there are many that can’t get a tongue piercing because of a vein in the centre of their tongue, health conditions or simply because their mouth organ is too short. Once healed, the original barbell can be replaced with all kinds of cool and inventive jewellery, including glow in the dark studs.

Written by Wayne Grant